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Artash Nath

Co-Founder, HotPopRobot.com
Toronto, Canada

I am a Grade 9 student from Toronto. I have been working on Space, robotics, and Machine Learning for the last six years. I have been applying machine learning to space challenges, including - predicting the risk index of an asteroid collision, detecting atmospheres of exoplanets through chemical signatures, and understanding the biases in the use of artificial intelligence in space applications.

I was one of the winners of the European Space Agency's Ariel Telescope Machine Learning Data Challenge and presented my project at the ARIEL: Science, Mission and Community 2020 Conference in the Netherlands. I have presented my projects at several conferences including at the 2019 Planetary Defense Conference in Washington DC (won the Honorable Mention Award), the 2019 Montreal Space Symposium, and the 2018 Toronto Machine Learning Summit.

I was the 2020 Global Winner of the NASA SpaceApps Covid 19 Challenge for my “Masked Scales” project that used a home-made instrument to measure the impacts of COVID19 in Toronto from among 2000 teams in 150 countries. I won the Junior Gold Medal at the 2020 IRIC North American Continental STEM Fair and all the 3 ribbons at the 2020 Youth Science Canada Online STEM Fair for my project on "Using Machine Learning to Remove Stellar Noise from Exoplanetary Data".

In 2014, I co-founded the HotPopRobot.com Initiative to carry out youth to youth science communication and outreach on space and carry out several free workshops and events each year.

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