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Shaziana Kaderali

McGill University
Graduate Candidate
St. John's, Newfoundland and Labrador
Shaziana is completing her Master’s at McGill University in Space Situational Awareness, to improve on detecting and characterizing spacecraft maneuvers within the growing space debris problem. At Carleton University, she specialized in Space Systems Design, in Aerospace Engineering, where she was a Senior Lead in Recovery and Avionics for the CU-InSpace Rocket Team; the telescope designer for her Capstone satellite design team; the frame designer for the planetary rover team; an astrophysical researcher at the University of Toronto, publishing a paper, as a lead author; and has worked in the aerospace industry in aerodynamics and acoustics. She has participated in various engineering design competitions, including the 2020 NASA/HeroX Lunar Loo Challenge for the Artemis Program. After attending the 2019 Summer Space Program at the International Space University, her NASA-sponsored team project on intelligent satellite swarms was presented at this year’s virtual International Astronautical Congress. Shaziana has competed in Rock Climbing and Synchronized Swimming; plays four musical instruments; enjoys travelling, social dancing, astrophotography (having captured the comet, NEOWISE!). She plans to obtain her private pilot’s license, and be involved in analogue space missions. She has engaged in space outreach initiatives bringing forward lessons and her passions shared by astronauts. Shaziana aspires to one day become an astronaut herself!

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