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Lieutenant-Colonel C.J. Marchetti

Canadian Armed Forces | Government of Canada
Director Space Strategy and Plans
LCol Catherine Marchetti was born in Montreal, Quebec and graduated from the Royal
Military College of Canada in 1998 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Space Sciences. She
obtained a Master’s degree in Atmospheric Physics from the University of Toronto a year

After completion of her basic Aerospace Engineering course in 2000, LCol Marchetti
was seconded to the Canadian Space Agency in St-Hubert, Quebec as Mission Planner
for the Radarsat-1 earth observation satellite. She attended the International Space
University Summer Program in Bremen, Germany in 2001. In 2002, she was selected as
one of five Canadian Liaison Officers to work for the Massachusetts Institute of
Technology Lincoln Laboratory at the Millstone Hill Radar Facility in the United States
(US). She served as an orbital analyst for the US Space Surveillance Network and was
also involved with ionospheric studies and satellite constellation design.

LCol Marchetti was posted to the Surveillance of Space Project Management Office in
Ottawa, Ontario in 2004 as the Space Surveillance System Engineer for the development
of the Space Surveillance Operations Centre for the Sapphire spacecraft. She left in 2007
to join the Directorate Joint Capability Production, whose responsibilities included space
development and projects. LCol Marchetti also spent one year in the Command domain
team where she was involved with looking at all command and control related projects
and activities across the CAF. After being promoted to Major in 2008, LCol Marchetti
worked with the Directorate Space Development in the strategic planning section, where
she was responsible for data policies and international relations and was involved with
the development of the National Defence space policy and strategy.

In 2010, LCol Marchetti was posted to 424 (T&R) Squadron as the SAMEO where she
was responsible for the airworthiness and maintenance of the squadron’s fleet of Griffons
and Hercules in support of search and rescue missions. After completing the Joint
Command and Staff Program, she took over as the Group Leader for Space Systems and
Operations at Defence Research and Development Canada in 2013. Promoted to her
current rank in 2015, LCol Marchetti joined the Directorate Technical Airworthiness and
Engineering Support as Chief of Staff and the Section Head responsible for the CAF
Technical Airworthiness Program. Since 2017, she has been working for DG Space as
the Director Space Strategy and Plans.

LCol Marchetti also holds a Master’s degree in Defence Studies and is Project
Management Professional certified.

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