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Eytan Tepper

McGill Institute of Air and Space Law
Doctoral candidate
Eytan Tepper is completing his doctorate degree at McGill Institute of Air and Space Law and has previous degrees in law and economics. His research focused on space governance, i.e. on how human space activities are steered, notably how the principles and rules applicable to these activities are established, implemented and reformed. He has presented in many international conferences and published peer-reviewed articles as well as op-eds and has a forthcoming book. Before returning to academe, Mr. Tepper practiced law in Israel, mainly working for the Bank of Israel and the Foreign Trade Administration. Mr. Tepper’s practice, as well as his academic research, focus on international interactions and interplay and issues of economic – legal nature, and he routinely employs economic theory and considerations. Mr. Tepper encourages and practices interdisciplinary research and collaboration.

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