Dianea Phillips

Aerospace Educator
Dianea Carroll Phillips currently is an Educational Consultant with the Lester B. Pearson School Board in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. She holds a Bachelor of Education degree from McGill University and is a Canadian Hilroy Award Winner. Ms. Phillips has worked as a teacher and teaching consultant in several regions of Quebec including Nunavik. She has extensive experience in professional development and in the supervision of diverse learning groups. She has served as a consultant to the LBPSB International Studies Program, local community organizations and the Canadian International School of Thailand.  Ms. Phillips serves as the volunteer Education Director of the Montreal Aviation Museum. She is a certified Aerospace Educator and Zero G Corporation –Zeronaut. In addition to her scholarly activities she holds a PPCC certification in Life Coaching and a certification in Adventures in Wisdom Youth Coaching.  She has a passion for Storytelling and is a founding member of the Montreal Storytellers’ Guild. Through her career and her work as a DKG Quebec member, she enjoys being a mentor to teachers.
Ms. Phillips is an inspirational leader with more than 30 years of experience as a successful teacher, collaborator, curriculum designer and educational influencer. She has served in a number of roles including teaching students from Pre-kindergarten through high school. She has worked as a model teacher with the Center for Educational Excellence specializing in cross-curricular studies and integrated pedagogy implementing Understanding by Design and Howard Gardener’s Theory of Multiple Intelligences. As a staff developer and in her consulting work, Ms. Phillips is a whole school change agent leading merged schools through their “Focal Points of Change and Collaboration.” Her responsibilities include a wide variety of 21st century professional development presentations, teaching strategies, curriculum planning- project based learning, student performance, formative assessment and teacher/administrator performance enhancement. Ms. Phillips has been a presenter at major conferences held in Montreal, Ottawa, Houston Texas, Maine USA, Korea and Thailand.
In addition to her work, Ms. Phillips provides support to STEAM start up schools within her board. Since 2014 she has independently owned and operated her own STEAM Education program; Science Yourself! No G’s About It! Ms. Phillips also works with teachers to implement her Envisions Education Program. This innovative program provides support to teachers who are struggling with helping students to “own” their learning. Her program marries life coaching and student curriculum achievement. Her program is gaining enormous interest and momentum in local schools. Her mission is to put the responsibility of learning back into the hands of the learners inspiring them to become confident, strong, productive and resilient.

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